Are Business Cards Still Pertinent In A Pandemic?

COVID19 has completely shifted the business networking landscape. Business meetings, networking events, and any gathering of people have been limited as a safety precaution. This raises an important question about an age-old industry practice, business cards. Traditionally used as a means of quickly exchanging information, the utility of business cards in a post-Covid-19 society, where many may want to continue maintaining their distance, has been brought into question. Also, the internet is an easily accessible battleground for marketing, networking, and business. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of business cards and their relevance today.

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Business cards create a connection between your business and the consumer. A physical business card establishes a genuine connection between your business and a potential client with a tangible representation of your interaction. Offering a business card is comparable to giving a gift or memento, a seemingly small reminder for the consumer to remember you by. And, as with gifts, it is often the thought that counts.

Business cards are a useful marketing tool. They are a simple way to present and exchange your business and contact information quickly. Business cards can be left in high foot traffic areas where they can be picked up and pocketed. Others may share your business card with people inquiring about your industry. A sound business card will have all the relevant contact information and clearly state what the business is.

Business cards separate you from your competition. A business card represents your company with its design and logo. A sleek design and a memorable logo can make your business stand out and be easier to recall to memory in the future. Potential clients may note the quality of your cards versus your competition.

Business cards appear professional. Business cards are an industry standard. It is commonplace to exchange business cards with other business owners as well as consumers. Your company will appear more legitimate when you have a stylish card to represent your services.

You can present your business card on social media accounts. Although business cards are traditionally physical, nothing is preventing you from sharing digital copies. Effectively achieving the same goals, digital business cards quickly showcases contact information and relative business information. Followers of your social media may be inclined to share your business card and pass it around virtually, allowing you to reach a broader audience.

Business cards increase sales. Simply put. Business cards are a form of promotion, and often any promotion is good promotion. Business cards are a direct way to send a message to your target audience. Instead of a potential client looking you up online and potentially finding a competitor, they will directly access your information. Several sources suggest that for every 2000 cards distributed, sales will be increased by 2.5%.


Most business cards are discarded. Not every business card is carefully tucked away for future use. Recent reports state that 88% of business cards get thrown away.

Unprofessional business cards can drive away business. People often judge a book by its cover, and the same goes for business cards. A reported 39% of people won’t do business with you if they do not like the card or if it looks cheap.

The impact of COVID19 has shifted health and safety standards. People, in general, are being more conscious about what they touch. Some may be wary about picking up or exchanging business cards as a safety precaution.

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Final Word

The impact of COVID19 will be seen well into the future, and many people hope for a sense of normality to return. While social distancing has become somewhat of a norm, there are still plenty of people eager to connect and continue to do business in person. Business cards are still very relevant. The pros of business cards appear to outweigh the cons.