BOND Small Business Group Announces Partnership with Hill Country Network

B.O.N.D. Small Business Group is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Hill Country Network, an independent, locally-owned television channel, and website serving the people of New Albany and areas throughout North Mississippi.

With 15 original programs, a large social media following, and dedicated viewership in 13 cities in North Mississippi and beyond, Hill Country Network has the resources and tools that can help local businesses gain visibility for their businesses at an affordable rate.

Hill Country Network has an amazing platform and they are such a joy to work with. B.O.N.D. Small Business Group is thrilled to officially be in partnership with them. We are excited to see how this partnership not only is beneficial for us and our members, but we are also excited to see how we can help Hill Country Network grow and expand their viewership and add content to their roster,” said Jessica Starks, CEO of B.O.N.D. Small Business Group.

“We are excited about the opportunity to help small businesses on their way through to success. Everyone has a story to be heard and we look forward to helping them tell others of who they are and what they have to offer the North East Mississippi area and beyond,” stated Evelyn Mason, Station Manager at Hill Country Network.

About Hill Country Network

Hill Country Network, an independent, locally-owned television channel, and website that creates original programming to showcase the talent and beauty of North Mississippi and those that reside in it. You can take them on the go and watch anywhere in the world on their website, watch anywhere in the USA on Roku under Mississippi, or locally on MaxxSouth 99.1. To learn more about Hill Country Network, please visit

About B.O.N.D. Small Business Group

B.O.N.D. Small Business Group is a promotional and developmental membership organization that is dedicated to creating successful, well-rounded entrepreneurs. To learn more about B.O.N.D. and to join the organization, please visit