7 Easy Ways to Cross-Promote Your Business

Are you interested in expanding the marketing reach of your business? How about networking with other businesses to establish your brand awareness and theirs too? It may sound far-fetched, but companies do it all the time. This gaming-changing tool is called cross-promotion.

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What is Cross- Promotion?

Simply put, cross-promotion is a strategy used when two or more brands with common interests come together to promote products. Since these brands have similar audiences, their goal is not to compete but to collaborate for mutual benefits. As a result, each brand helps the other generate leads, gain positive exposure, and boost market sales.

How Can I Cross-Promote with Businesses?

Whether you’re just starting your business or you need a quick and effective way to gain sales, cross-promotion is a great way to begin! All you have to do is partner with a brand similar to yours and determine how you both can benefit each other. Once you both agree on what you will sell and promote, let the games begin!

Here are seven easy ways you can cross-promote your business.

Social Media

Create a post, story, or video on a selected social media platform to promote brands. 

Here is an example of cross-promotion between  Strawberry-Lit Magazine and Jessica Starks. Strawberry- Lit is a literary magazine that provides engaging business information and fun articles for entrepreneurs, authors, writers, and readers.

They collaborated with Jessica Starks, founder of J.D. Scribes and BOND Small Business Group, for one of their promotions. The brand posted Jessica’s post on their website and Instagram page. In return, Jessica introduces their brand and shares their tagline in the post.

Virtual Conferences and Webinars

Businesses with unique services often host conferences and webinars. During these segments, the host may have a special guest to speak on the topic they request. Once the speaker presents their speech, the host will acknowledge what the speaker is working on and talk about it. This method of cross-promotion engages your audience quickly and encourages them to purchase the service being offered.

Brick and Mortar 

Target and Starbucks showcase an excellent example of cross-promotion by partnering together. Now, you can do the same! And, no, your business does not have to be massive.

Connect with local stores, libraries, and news outlets in your city or town. Provide them with a set of your business cards or flyers and ask if they wouldn’t mind showcasing it to their clients. In return, promote their products/services when your clients come to you.

Email marketing

Similar to Brick and Mortar, save space for other businesses on your virtual platform by using your email list. By partnering with other companies, customers will receive valuable information, special offers, and links to promos and discounts. It provides subscribers with an advantage and boosts up the brand for both companies.

Giveaways and Contest

Everyone loves the word FREE! Partner up with a company and see what you can give away! This setup should cost nothing to the audience except a few minutes of their time.

To run a contest or giveaway, be sure to have a goal in mind, a fantastic prize, and a clear set of rules for viewers to understand. This will help brands increase their followers, product, and subscribers. Once promoted, a winner is chosen.


Research podcasters that are seeking speakers. You can easily find podcasters by browsing Facebook groups. As a guest speaker on a podcast, the primary host of the podcast will get a chance to ask you questions about your product or service.

Real Talk is a testimonial segment Erica Nicole offers in her blog My Journey to Refresh. This segment showcases millennial women and men who have taken the leap of faith by moving forward in their calling as business owners and entrepreneurs. For instance, Erica Nicole interviews Jessica Starks on her podcast, Real Talk, to discover how Jessica became a business owner, author, and entrepreneur.

Watch Now: Real Talk Ep. 1 Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Promotional Videos

Are you an influencer or blogger who loves a specific pastry or clothes attire? If so, promotional videos are for you! Connect with a brand that allows you to promote their tangible item in hand. In return, the brand will showcase you in their service. By doing this, you will engage with your audience, and viewers would become interested in knowing more about the item you are promoting.

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Final Thoughts

Cross-promotion does not have to be complicated or expensive! Reach out to your network and figure out simple ways to get started! It’s a great way to network, reach out to new audiences, gain exposure, and make money.

What are some ways you would like to cross-promote? Have you practiced this in the past? Tell us about it in the comments!