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I specialize in Drafting & Design Technology, traditional freehand art, Digital logo design for branding, and helping business owners drive traffic to their website, products, physical store, and generate more customers in the process.

About McKinney’s Marketing, it’s much more than just marking. I’ve been in the Drafting & Design Technology field since 1997 at this point working on a wide range of products being sold from different companies, and I’ve been an artist since the first grade of elementary school that is my passion. If your business has an idea for a new or existing product that needs to be updated or needs a logo I can assist in that process. I typically work with engineers at different companies working with materials between wood to structural steel to help them design and build their products in 3D for their companies. Companies have full 3D models of their products before the first piece of material is cut. A positive side to being the designer is I know the product inside, and out. Being very familiar with these products helps me further help these companies with marketing, and promoting the final products, and their business. No product or business is too big, too small, or out of range to promote. My mission with my business is to help other small, and large places of business solve any problems they may be facing. One of the main problems is getting traffic for their business. My goal is to help places of business at all points from ideas all the way to marketing the finished, or already existing product. So if you have a concept idea, or if you already have an existing product, feel free to contact me. Thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you.

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(662) 871-8805
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337 Cainwood St.
Amory, Mississippi 38821

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