8 Online Networking Tips For Small Business Owners

Networking is a vital part of any business, whether it’s small or big. Networking with other companies always opens new doors to opportunities. It is an effective way to generate leads. Owners do online networking in different ways, but the benefits are nearly identical. 

Business networking not only includes connecting with known businesses or customers but also with others who might need your services or possibly mention your business to others. Networking is not only about asking for favors, it is used to create a healthy and trustworthy relationship with other companies.

But the question is, how are you going to build online networking? In this article, we will discuss the benefits of online networking and offer eight helpful and effective tips to network online successfully with other businesses. 

What Is Online Networking?

Networking refers to connecting and interacting with other businesses, customers, or clients to build friendships and opportunities. 

In online networking, one can comfortably communicate with other business owners without physically going to their business. You can be at your home and build your network.

Benefits of Online Networking

Online networking offers numerous advantages: 

Benefit #1: Online networking offers you more control over the conversation. You can take some time to think and respond. 

Benefit #2: Connecting with people online helps you to improve your communication skills. You gain confidence in your business ideas. Networking is also a great way to showcase your expertise and learn about others’ experiences. 

Benefit #3: It’s easy to start a conversation online if you don’t even know the person with whom you are conversing. You will not feel awkward, like in offline face-to-face networking.

Benefit #4: You can network where ever you want. There are no boundations of time, platform, or location. It’s a good time saver.

Benefit #5: Online networking helps in building a personal brand and profile. You can connect and showcase your expertise. They may need your services or refer to one who needs them.

8 Online Networking Tips for Small Business Owners

To build a robust network, you should start making new connections. Here are eight effective tips for networking online: 

Tip #1 Attend Business Networking Events

Set your goals, and know where to go to make connections. Small business owners should attend local business events to get more opportunities. Apart from that, one can join relevant Facebook groups for more opportunities and attend gatherings related to your field to build a better network of people who might need your services in the future.

Tip #2 Go Where Your Audience Is

In online networking, you must know the difference between being aggressive and assertive when pitching your ideas. It’s better to research, read the bio, and check your profile before sending messages to other owners or people. There are many platforms (Linkedin, Instagram, etc.) in which you can connect to others. Pick your favorite in order to connect to other business owners, market your services, and give and gain valuable advice. 

Tip #3 Cross-Promote

You can partner with other small businesses for networking. Cross-promoting is one of the great ways to network with others. In this regard, you can create promotional videos, create joint ads, print joint promotional messages, etc. If this partnership works for you, then you can move ahead in collaboration with other businesses. 

Tip #4 Know Your Worth

It’s not sufficient to offer great products and services to your clients. If you can’t ambient what you do, you may not be able to convey information at networking events. Whether you want to build a network for referrals or future purposes, you should know clearly and deliver nicely what you do, who your target audience is, and why clients or people will choose you and your services over the others. 

Tip #5 Avoid Automation

Nowadays, businesses use automated tools to send messages. But these automated messages aren’t always the best course of action when reaching potential clients. Your messages should be personalized and authentic then; only then will people feel the connection. In this competitive world, genuine messages get attention. This formula has worked for many and is one of the most effective tips for business owners.

Tip #6 Join Organizations

It will benefit your business if you participate in small business associations, industry-specific organizations, etc. Before selecting any organization, you must determine your goals, customer needs, and what you want to earn/learn from a particular organization. Organizations can help you reach people in your industry and gain new opportunities and resources. Taking a leadership role in the organization is also a plus, as this will give your brand better exposure. 

Tip #7 Overcome Introversion

It’s going to be challenging for you to reach out through networking if you are a shy person. There are many strategies to overcome introversion. First, you should not share random ideas on the spot; be prepared before any event. Also, try waking or having a cup of coffee to help yourself relax. Feeling refreshed can help you start building connections quickly. Online networking is a great tool for you if you have a shy personality, as you don’t need to make connections by meeting them physically. 

Tip #8 Find a Reason to Follow Up

Sending requests and making connections are not enough. You have to take steps to keep that connection alive and build a trustworthy relationship. Even if you don’t need them now, you can share relevant articles, invite clients for events or conferences or wish them well on holidays. Give extra time to build a healthy relationship; then your networking attempts will be successful. 


Business networking refers to adding value and building healthy relationships. You should also have your business goals in mind before heading out for events, conferences, or gatherings. When you are clear about your goals, then others will properly understand them and offer you opportunities. Follow up with the influencers of your industry and engage in relevant events where engaged audiences can be found. Eight strategies have been shared to help you achieve positive results for better online networking. If you are a small business owner, these tips will help you in better networking. Networking will provide you with better opportunities and offers to showcase your services. Build strong networking with these amazing tips in no time!