3 Stellar Podcasts All Business Owners Need To Listen To

Do you need a pick me up? 

A few words of encouragement?

A good laugh or direct information to lead you through your journey as an entrepreneur? 

If your answer is yes to all of these questions and then some, we have the perfect list of podcasts just for you!

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But, before we dive in, you first need to understand what a podcast is.

What is a Podcast?

Simply put, a podcast is a kind of online audio broadcast. Unlike a video or a blog post, a podcast does away with the visual element and focuses purely on the sound, like radio. In that way, it’s much easier and more convenient to consume.

Now that you are aware of what podcasts are, below is a list of the top three podcasts every entrepreneur should listen to, as recommended by three successful entrepreneurs.

1. Ask Coach Gentry

Genre: Society and Culture

Coach Gentry Simmons, the author of Organic Authenticity, shares her insight about self-care, self-development, and intentional living on her new podcast, “Ask Coach Gentry.”

This podcast provides a host of guests and friends who pop in from time to time to add to the fun. 

“Self-care is a huge challenge for everyone but especially entrepreneurs,” Simmons admits. “We work and we work, but forget to nurture our own happiness. My mantra is: Be yourself. Take care of yourself, and invest in becoming the best version of yourself. What’s that mean? In a nutshell, I teach and promote authenticity, self-care, and self-help or growth. You are all you’ve got. Put yourself first and watch your business grow because you are your business.”

Listen on: Apple Podcast | Spotify | Google


2. The Science of Social Media by Buffer

Genre: Business

Jessica Starks, the CEO, and founder of J.D. Scribes and B.O.N.D. Small Business Group, believes “The Science of Social Media” is an excellent podcast for entrepreneurs interested in boosting up their social media skills.

“I like it because it offers a ton of social media tips and tools that I can use in my business. Also, they discuss methods they’ve tested and used themselves, so it isn’t any extra fluff in their responses.”

Listen on: Apple Podcast | Spotify | Buffer


3. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Genre: Management


Robert Carroll, CEO of Saberwolf Productions, ensures the podcast, “Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman” is a great podcast to listen to when it comes to business management because each episode focuses on a particular issue many startup companies usually face usually eventually. 

“It offers stories on how founders built their company,” Carroll declares. “There is always something you can relate to or be inspired by even though the industry they work in might be different from your own.”

Listen on: Apple Podcast | Spotify | Stitcher

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Like the podcasts featured above? We’d love to know your favorite! Share with us in the comments below.